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Hi! I’m Shandi, I was raised in a small mountain town in Colorado, called Lyons…small, as in at the time the population was about 1500, give or take. I moved to Texas during my Sophmore year of high school; I miss Colorado horribly, but will return there one day, with my family in tow! Speaking of family, mine has 3 kiddos – my son Christopher is 11, and has Autism…read more

AstroEnlightenment by Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas

Your Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes | Personalities by Sun Sign

Very intuitive and psychic since birth, Michelle has decided to use her gifts to help people overcome the obstacles of life and become more aware of their chosen paths. When we are in-tuned with our chosen paths, life becomes easier, more joyful, and full of passion. 
Michelle has been a Professional Astrologer for over 20 years and she feels that the planetary vibrations are God’s way of speaking to us.of showing us.the signs and the seasons of our lives. Through astrology you can learn to make the right choices at the right times in your life and maybe even avoid taking some wrong turns. As much as Michelle loves astrology and all it can show us, this is just one of the tools that Michelle is very familiar with. Through the tarot, runes, and numerology we can also see into the past and the future. Michelle is totally into the Angels, Guides, and other familiars that surround us and help us through our daily lives. She is also a teacher, lecturer, and writer, but among all that she does.studying, researching, and writing.her all time favorite thing is doing personal readings for great people like YOU. Michelle has worked with a great group of people on a variety of radio stations and is probably best known for working with WNIC 100.3 FM from 1993 – 2002. She works with a variety of publishing houses, reading their great books and writing reviews so that you will know which books are the best on the market. You will be able to read a variety of those reviews here at this site so keep coming back and checking in…read more

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